Bus Driver

Bus Driver


Position Summary:
Skilled work in the operation of light and heavy school buses in transporting students and staff in a timely manner.

Essential Functions:

1. Transports students and staff to and from destinations, following a preplanned route according to a definite time schedule
2. Regulates heating, lighting and ventilation systems of bus for comfort of passengers
3. Drives bus carefully and in compliance with traffic regulations. Assumes responsibility for the safety of children in loading, unloading and transporting them to and from destinations. Signals children when to cross street or highway and assures that children are safely across upon departure from bus
4. Instructs children in safety precautions and practices
5. Maintains discipline; reports unruly behavior to appropriate Y Director
6. Inspects and clean bus interior. Checks water, gas, oil and mechanical condition to ensure that everything is in working order
7. Reports delays and accidents. Keeps operational records and makes simple reports. Reports defects or problems with vehicle to appropriate Director. Assures bus meets regular maintenance schedules
8. Performs related work as required


1. Knowledge, Abilities and Skills: Knowledge of traffic and highway safety laws, rules and regulations, and of the precautions necessary to avoid accidents. Ability to operate a bus in a safe and economical manner. Ability to understand and carry out instructions and to perform work requiring good physical condition. Ability to relate to students, parents and Y personnel. Ability to complete various forms and records, including updated route sheets, time sheets, field trip forms, incident and accident reports, mileage sheets, etc. Ability to read maps and follow written or verbal geographic directions.
2. Training and Experience: Graduation from high school or completion of GED. Completion of first aid and driving courses. Training on highway safety rules and regulations.
Licenses or Certifications: Appropriate State Driver license. Completion of a performance test in school bus operation. Must pass an annual physical examination.

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