Sports & Recreation

Y Sports programs provide a wholesome, values-oriented atmosphere that provides developmentally appropriate, values-based instruction designed not only to help children develop sports skills, but to develop those skills in an environment that emphasizes and rewards character as much as physical development.

The Y is a leader in offering quality youth sports programs, programs that discourage winning-at-all-costs and instead encourage fun, skill development, fitness, teamwork, fair play and family involvement. The purpose of Y Youth Sports is not only to teach skills more effectively, but also to teach young people to become more effective adults.

Sports currently offered include: Basketball, Soccer, Football (flag and tackle) and T-Ball.

In the event of inclement weather, programming at the Y (Group Fitness classes, Youth Sports and Wellness programs) may be offered at a limited basis or cancelled for the day. Please subscribe to our Twitter and Facebook pages in order to get updates regarding program changes.

Goals of Y Youth Sports are:

1. To build self-esteem

2. To teach social skills – values, communication, human relations

3. To teach physical skills, fitness and health

4. To develop responsibility and decision-making skills

5. To enhance leadership skills in youth and adults

6. To build relationships among peers and between parent and child

7. To support and strengthen family life

8. To create fun experiences for children and their families

The Y believes that character development, focusing on the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility, is an essential element of its sports program. As a result, sportsmanship is required from all participants, coaches and spectators at all times.