Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a brand new member or still considering joining? You may have many questions about all we offer, so hopefully we’ve got you covered with some of these frequently asked questions:

Q: What is included in the membership fee?

A: The Y is proud to offer full access to our beautiful state of the art facility with every membership. Take advantage of our Wellness Center, Fitness Pool, Family Fun Pool, Sauna, Steam Room, Hot Tub, Fitness Studios, Child Watch, Youth Center, Gymnasium/Basketball courts, 5 Locker Rooms and the South Sioux City Outdoor Pool. Don’t forget about your free Getting Started session, aquatic aerobics & group fitness classes, reduced rates on youth and wellness programs, as well as free work-out towels. Plus you’ll be proud to say you’re a member of a non-profit community committed to making Siouxland healthier in mind, body and spirit.

Q: When are you open?
A: Check out all of our Facility Hours here.

Q: Can I stash my stuff in a locker?
A: Yes, full and half lockers are available for daily use. Bring your own padlock and use the appropriate locker room (family, women’s, men’s, male family/boys’ or female family/girls’). If you need a shower towel, rent one for $2 at the front desk. Padlocks are also available for purchase at the front desk.

Q: Are all the fitness classes offered free of charge?
A: With the exception of a few classes, yes!  Download the class schedule here.

Q: I am going out of town for a month or won’t be able to use my membership for awhile, can I place my active membership on hold?
A: Yes, your membership can be placed on hold for up to three (3) months every calendar year. Your account method of payment will be charged only $10 per month instead of normal (full usage) dues while on hold.

Q: Do you require a membership contract to be signed? If so, how long does the contract last?
A: No contract is needed! You will pay monthly via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or by charge to your credit card. You can set your account to draft on the 1st or 15th of the month for your convenience.

To cancel your membership, you must do so fifteen (15) days prior to your next draft date to avoid charges the following month.

Q: Is there an alternative option to using automatic monthly withdrawal for my membership?
A: No, unless you prepay for a membership covering a predetermined amount of time.

Q: What are other benefits to membership at the Y?
A. Most all of our Youth Sports & Wellness programs are available at a discount to members.

Q: Can I come in for a tour to check out the facilities prior to joining?
A: Of course you can! Member Services staff are always available and excited to show you around.

Q: Is there a dress code policy at the Y?
The Y is a family-friendly organization and maintains a family-friendly atmosphere, so we ask our members and guests to wear appropriate attire as defined below.

-Shirts (no bare midriffs – but tank tops and sleeveless t-shirts are permissible) and closed-toe athletic shoes (with non-marking soles) must be worn at all times throughout the building except for pool areas and locker rooms.

-Clothing with profane or offensive language or graphics is prohibited. The Y reserves the right to define inappropriate dress when necessary.

-Appropriate swim attire (purchased in a swimsuit department, made of swimsuit materials) is required prior to entering pools, sauna, steam room or hot tub.

-While in the Family Fun Pool, infants in diapers must wear specialty swim diapers manufactured specifically for swimming.

Q: Any other etiquette rules?
Yes – check out these few housekeeping items:

-No food or drink is permitted, except for water bottles.
-Please wipe down equipment with disinfectant spray and towels after use.
-Place dirty workout towels in blue bins provided on the Wellness Floor.
-Return all equipment to its proper place. Re-rack weights and dumbbells appropriately.

Q: I’m a member now, but where do I start? Who can help me getting going on my goals?
A: Sometimes getting started can be the hardest part. That’s why at the Y we offer all new members Getting Started, a free 30-minute, one-on-one session to ensure you get the most out of being a part of the Y. In this session our trained staff will learn more about your specific needs and wellness goals and then provide you with advice on programs, classes and equipment to help you discover what’s right for you as you work to achieve your goals. The session will also include an in-depth tour to introduce you to all the Y has to offer.

Ask any Member Services staff about scheduling your Getting Started session.

Q: How do I get in and how do you know that I’m me?
A: Upon sign up, all Y members are required to have their photo taken to ensure safety and security for all and to protect your membership. (Plus we’d like to put a face and a name!) Next, scan cards with unique barcodes shall be issued to all members ages 12 years and older.  We ask you scan your card each and every time you visit the Y. (We track facility usage and these numbers help us determine equipment purchases, staffing needs and more.) In the event of a lost scan card, replacements can be purchased for $3.00.

Q: Who can answer my general questions about programs, fees, etc?
The Member Services staff at the front desk is ready to assist you with any and all membership or scheduling needs and can provide you information on all programs and events at the Y. The Member Services desk is also headquarters for program and membership registration and payment, the Y Gear Shop (purchasing athletic apparel), equipment checkout and towel rentals.

Q: Are memberships transferable to another Y?
No, but you are traveling and want to use another Y while on the road, you can take advantage of the Reciprocity Program.

Q: Are corporate discounts available?
Yes! Corporate membership discounts are available to companies with 10 or more employees currently active as Y members.