Types of Memberships

Types of Memberships


To best accommodate your needs, we have many monthly membership options:

Any person 0 – 18 years of age that is supported by an adult and/or legal guardian.

Any adult who is currently a full-time college/university student. You must provide student identification and a class schedule to verify full-time status. (Full-time is defined as having/maintaining a class load of at least 12 credit hours.)

Any independent individual (filing their own tax return) over 18 years of age. (For a young adult to remain on a family membership, the child must be claimed as a dependent and/or must be a full-time college/university student up to the age of 24.)

Household (formerly known as Family Membership)

A Household Membership shall consist of no more than two (2) adults and up to six (6) dependents.

ADULTS must be directly related and reside in the same household or be able to provide proof of a shared household. Roommates do not qualify for a Household Membership. Exceptions may be made for a dependent’s parent or grandparent who does not reside in the same household, as long as only two adults are on the Membership.

DEPENDENTS must be the legal dependent of one or both of the adults on the Household Membership. Dependents may remain on the Household Membership until the age of 19, or until the age of 24 if enrolled full-time in college. Exceptions may be made for dependents over the age of 19 or 24 if they are permanently residing in the household due to physical or mental limitations.

Q. Can roommates be the two adults?
A. No, roommates are specifically excluded. The two adults must either be directly related OR be able to prove a shared household (shared expenses, shared dependents, etc.).

Q. What do adults need to show to prove a shared household?
A. Bank statements with same address, doctors bill, joint account, shared utility bills, joint custody of dependents.

Q. Can sisters be the two adults?
A. Yes, but only if they reside in the same household. The two adults must either be directly related OR be able to prove a shared household (shared expenses, shared dependents, etc.).

Q. When a dependent not in school turns 19 or a college student turns 24, will they automatically be taken off the account?
A. Yes, UNLESS they become the second adult on the account.

Q. If a relative or other person temporarily resides in the same household, can they be added?
A. No, they must be a permanent resident of the household.

An adult member at least 65 years of age or older.

Senior Couple
Two adults living in the same dwelling, with the primary member being at least 65 years or older.

Joining Fee
The Joining Fee is a one-time fee that applies to all first time memberships and previous memberships expired 30 days or more. This is a non-refundable fee.

Towel & Locker Service
You can receive two shower towels upon each visit at the front desk if you have towel service or rent a locker. We will provide you with a new padlock and tag your chosen locker with your name. Stop at Member Services to request a locker or towel service.

Membership Pricing

Type Monthly Annual Joining Fee
Youth $25 $270 $15
College $28 $306 $15
Adult $46 $492 $50
Household $75 $816 $75
Senior $35 $360 $25
Senior Couple $60 $660 $37.50
Towel & Lockers Monthly    
Kit locker rental + towel service $12    
Half locker rental + towel service $17    
Towel service only $10