Lifeguard Training


Full Course: $125
Includes certifications for:
Lifeguard, First Aid, CPR-PR, AED.

Our mission is to save lives and promote the knowledge of safe procedures through quality instruction, hands on training and the development of skills.

All 2014 scheduled dates have passed. Contact Ryan to set a training.

In-Water Session is a FULL day (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM) in the pool at the Y… Students should be prepared to WORK HARD!

Deadlines to register are seven days prior to each scheduled in-water session in order to give participants ample time to complete E-learning portion of course.

Must be 16 years or older.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Pre-requisite Skills?
300 yard swim, retrieval of ten (10) pound brick from bottom of pool, two (2) minute feet only tread.

What is the minimum age to take a Lifeguard Class?
16 years old at the time of training.

What is the cost?
$125 per student. No refunds available after online portion is accessed. No refunds will be offered to students who do not successfully complete all requirements for certification. Re-test(s) will be given up to three (3) times.

What does the cost include?
E-learning course (valid email address and internet connection required), 8 hour In-Water skills session, CPR-PR skills session. In-Water Skills test, CPR-PR demonstration and all written tests will be administered at the end of the day.

How long is the certification valid for?
Successful completion of E-learning, skills tests and written tests will result in one (1) a year certification in: Lifeguard, CPR-PR, Basic First Aid and AED.

What is E-Learning?
Prior to the In Water Session all participants must successfully complete the E-learning portion of the class.
E-learning is a combination of video, reading and interactive elements used to teach the basic fundamentals of lifeguarding.
Students will receive an online “KEY” with their book, which will allow them access to the online course.
The E-learning portion is completed at the students pace – no time limit.
At the completion of the E-learning session, students will be required to print out “completion” page, and bring it with them to class to verify they did indeed complete the session.

What should students bring to the In-Water session?
Swimsuit (for female, one piece is preferred), towel(s) and lunch (1 hour will be taken at noon. Students may stay at the Y or leave.) Optional Items: water bottle, light snack, goggles.

My certification is coming due, what next?
We re-certify lifeguards, too. Contact Ryan to set-up a time.

About StarGuard

StarGuard uses blended learning, combining an online course first, followed by in-water practical skills application. This efficient use of facility time and instructor time reduces training expenses, saving both time and money.
StarGuard offers convenience for the student since the online portion may be taken at home, or while away at college.
StarGuard focuses on professionalism & accountability, teaching behaviors & skills to help Lifeguards reduce risk, be at their best, ready to respond to emergencies.
StarGuard is accepted in all 50 states as a Lifeguard Certification Agency.