My Y Story

Cam Brummond


No one is invincible. Seven years ago on Father’s Day (June 15, 2008), then-recent high school grad Camron Brummond learned that the hard way. He was involved in a roll-over accident, leaving him with a punctured lung, punctured spleen and dislocated rib. But after flying forty feet from his truck as it rolled four times, Cam also suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

His hopes of walking-on to play college football at Wayne State (defensive end or center) while studying biology or zoology were suddenly over. But through his long healing period (hospitalized 4 – 6 months plus an enduring 2 years of outpatient recovery), Cam’s life took another completely unexpected turn.

Noticing all the positivity and support from friends, family, his church and medical professionals during his most trying times, Cam decided he’d rather dedicate his life to helping others as they go through similar life-altering trials.

“My outlook on life changed from a selfish to selfless after the crash,” he noted.

Defying death from the moment his truck first rolled in 2008, Cam knew his saving was a miracle and is convinced of a higher calling.

Brummond continued, “I’ve fallen down numerous times, but God always picked me up and because of that, I want to inspire others to always have hope and perseverance to keep going.”

Doctors initially didn’t think the severity of the traumatic brain injury would allow him to ever walk, talk or functional normally again. But this past spring, Cam beat the odds and graduated from Wayne State with a degree in Exercise Science.

Currently interning at the Y in the Wellness Department, he eventually wants to get into physical, occupational or speech therapy.

Wellness Director Jacque Perez praised Cam, “Having him here taught us a lot about appreciating what we have and how lucky we are to be doing what we do. He always has a positive attitude and wants to see the best out of people and that rubs off on all of us!”