My Y Story

Y Summer Camp Staff 2016


camp-staff-selfies-2016Y Summer Camp is all about kids learning, growing and thriving through new adventures. But sometimes it’s Camp Staff who grow the most and leave with the best memories.

Here is what 2016 Camp Staff most fondly remember about their summer experiences – either as past campers themselves or current staff:

“My Y Story starts over 20 years ago when I worked at my hometown YMCA in Worthington, Minnesota. From front desk to summer camps, I had a blast. Fast forward: I decided to go back to school to become an elementary teacher and thought the experience of summer camp at the YMCA would be an epic adventure to participate in and great way to continue my story.” –Michelle

“I volunteered for summer camp last year and absolutely loved it! So I came back this summer to work! I love the core values that the Y teaches and seeing the kids smile makes every day worth it. Making sure kids have a good time and learn lifelong skills is the most important part of my summer. By working at the Y, I can make a difference!” -Hailey

“I work for the Y because I love being active. I know how important it is for kids to continue learning while enjoying summer activities. The Y makes sure its campers are doing both! I played softball, basketball and flag football through the Y and want kids to have that same experience I did.” -Kylee

camp-staff-selfies-2016a“This is MY story. After hearing about how fun camp is, I moved two and a half hours away to work here! It has been such a great experience! I’ve tried a lot of new things, gained valuable teaching experience and had to step out of my comfort zone often! Even as an adult, Y Summer Camp has reminded me of the importance of eating healthy, staying active and what it means to be a good person. I’ve met some great kids and work with an amazing staff! Thank you everyone for making this the Best Summer Ever!” -Abby

“My Y Story is about how much the campers impact my life. I’ve been able to get campers to reach outside their comfort zone and do things they were scared of by conquering my own fear. I never would have thought I could climb an entire rock wall but I did it for them. They encourage and expect me to be my best every single day and I expect and encourage the same from them. They truly make this job worth it! There are definitely days that are harder than others but the hard days make the awesome days that much more special. I look forward to seeing our campers every morning and they truly make my day! I never would have thought that working at this summer camp would impact my life this much but I am so glad that it did! People keep saying we are making an impact in their lives but they often don’t see the impact they make on the staff as well. I am truly blessed to have an amazing job with wonderful co-workers and campers to work with every day.” -Bethany

“When I was a kid I attended the Y Summer Camp and I still remember all of the fun activities we did. I am excited everyday to help kids make their own memories that they can remember for years to come.” -Nicole