My Y Story


cheryl-web“I am a success.”

Y Member Cheryl Crank was beaming after a workout with Wellness Coach Amanda, and rightfully so.

“I’m a classic case of going from zero to 100 and escaping a sedentary lifestyle,” she said.

These days, Cheryl shows off to family and friends with how many push-up she can do and how long she can hold a plank. But it wasn’t always that way.

Cheryl continued, “Back [then], there would be many things I would see other people doing that I just wished I could. Now, I can and don’t have to wish.”

Freshly retired, the Dakota Dunes resident feels extremely happy about her accomplishments.

“The best part about the Y is the personal accountability and the feeling I get when I’m done and made it through another workout,” she said.

Among her successful goals, Cheryl has dropped multiple dress sizes, lowered her body fat by 10% and is eating and feeling healthier every day.

Her husband, Don, now comes to the Y more regularly now, too. Between the couple, they’ve lost nearly 100 pounds since 2013!

Summing up her journey so far, Cheryl said, “From where I started…if I can keep strong and stay healthy as I age, you can do it, too.”