My Y Story

Daisy Margeas


Staying active- socially and physically- pays off!

Meet Daisy. She’s seventy-seven years old, but doesn’t look or act like it! And she attributes part of her youthful energy to the Y and her group of friends here that keep her healthy and having fun!

But she originally had no intent of becoming a long-term member and only came to the Y to encourage and support her daughter. But right away Daisy realized she knew a lot of people at the Y. The exercise became a supplemental reason for coming as Daisy continued to make new friends, socializing in fitness classes and while hanging out in the lobby.

The Y is now part of Daisy’s routine five days a week. Feeling more energized in the morning, she’s able to boast about never needing to take aspirin or any medication. Recently, she found a fitness test completed in 2010, and then decided to take another one. Her results across the board were better!

Watch Daisy’s story: