My Y Story

Dan Sayre


dan“The positive energy I get from class keeps me motivated,” said Pilates and Group Centergy instructor Dan Sayre.

He’s been feeling the good vibes for five years now.

A longtime Y member, Dan started out as a Yoga and Centergy class participant. One day (about 5 years ago!), he was approached by staff and asked if he’d like to become an instructor. The rest is history!

Dan continued, “I enjoy the practice and the comradery with the Centergy team and Y staff. We have remarkable instructors with a passion for their programs.”

Never met Dan or seen him action? He suggests you check out his classes!

“There no judgment, no competition – you make it your own and go at your own pace. It’s not about the destination, it’s the journey and I’m here to take it with you.”

Congrats on five years in the Wellness department, Dan!