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Jill’s Runners

Anyone who’s ever met Y Wellness Coach and Personal Training Coordinator Jill Becker knows she has a passion for running. Now the ultra-marathon competitor is spreading the runner’s high, class by class.

Her latest success was Winter Tracks Running. Featuring novice aspiring runners, veteran racers and everyone in between, this training and conditioning program focused on running technique, cardio strength, stretching, agility and more but many participants found the biggest takeaway to be connections and encouragement.

Becker said, “The first night of the first session, I had a guy who had never even been on the treadmill before. But alongside his wife, he immensely improved his running form and lowered his mile time by 3 and a half minutes.”

Now, he can join his wife and mother – who took Jill’s very first “My First 5K” classes years ago – on the trail, track or treadmill.

But that’s not the only family of runners Becker is helping shape.

“I’ve definitely never had a wider variety of people in a program before, and a lot of them were related: teenage brothers, a mother and daughter and a married coupled as I mentioned. But everyone bettered their 1 mile time by at least 1 minute,” Becker continued. “It makes me smile to see them push and motivate each other with what I taught them about running.”