My Y Story



On November 1, 2014, Kelli Pierce and her husband made a trip over to the Y to inquire about membership. The tipping point was her husband’s pants – the choice was to get active and lose weight or buy bigger pants. Needless to say, they decided to become members on the spot.

A little over one year later, it has actually been Kelli who’s made the greatest transformation.

“I have lost 94 pounds this past year. I never really had a goal in mind. I was just losing weight and loving how much better I felt. It wasn’t until August of this year that I realized how close I could be to losing 100 pounds in a year. That became my mission,” Kelli said. “While I came up short, I don’t feel like I’ve failed.”

Initially just following her husband’s lead, Kelli’s incredible strides just sort of happened.

She stated, “I didn’t really have the confidence to start on my own, but I’m all or nothing type of person and wanted to jump right in.”

So she did.

And luckily, Kelli quickly noticed that the Y “felt open and comfortable – especially for someone who is heavier” [like she was] and she knew she fit in.

In sticking with her wellness routines, she overcame lower back pain and the inability to use stationary bikes from being too big. Now Kelli vigorously attacks the cardio and weight machine sections of the Wellness Floor most every morning.

“My weight had been gradually increasing since high school, and especially stayed on after having 3 kids,” she noted.

Speaking of her kids, they’re fans of the Y, too!

“While the facility is really nice and the equipment is great, the Y is also about great family time and spending time with my kids. They love coming to the Outdoor Pool during summer and visit 2 or 3 times a week.”

It was being a mother that made Kelli realize she needed to make her own health a priority again.

“I discovered that as a parent plus spouse and employee, it’s easy to lose yourself in the process. It’s hard to take care of everyone and everything around you if don’t care of yourself. But the Y lets me focus on myself.”