My Y Story

Nancy Schriner


Meet Nancy. She is probably the strongest member of the Y. She’s overcome fourth stage breast cancer, carcinoid lung cancer and ocular melanoma all in the past ten years. Plus she’s lost nearly 130 pounds in that span and taken control of her life. The term LIVESTRONG couldn’t apply to anyone any better!

Nancy is a survivor – and an inspiration.

When she came to the Y, Nancy knew she needed to do more to improve her health, overcome physical weakness and enjoy her life more. And she knew she needed help doing it.

Through LIVESTRONG at the YMCA, Nancy gained confidence, strength and most importantly – a new group of friends and supporters at the Y.

“The program has been a lifesaver for me,” says Nancy. “The Y is phenomenal. I have so many friends at the Y, it keeps a smile on my face. I’m really grateful for all you do.”

We’re grateful Nancy joined LIVESTRONG and became a part of the Y family. She inspires us all to do and become So Much More!

We’re More Than a Gym. We’re a CAUSE.
Give. Join. Volunteer.

Watch Nancy’s story:

“I’m going to live until the day I die.” -Nancy Schriner