My Y Story

Susan Miller


Susan Miller’s Y Story began 17 months ago. Upon her first visit to the Wellness Floor, she could not walk for 3 minutes without needing to take a break. In fact, she had to put a chair next to the treadmill so we could sit down to rest.

But she wanted to get healthier and refused to give up. Susan was tired of having sleep apnea, high blood pressure and diabetes while being labeled as morbidly obese. She wanted to live life again!

Susan noted, “My doctor wanted me to lose 33% of my body weight.”

susanSo with that motivation, she hooked up with Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer Carlos Saenz. Susan knew that reaching her goal would be an uphill challenge, but with Carlos pushing her and other members of the Y community supporting her journey, she was ready to take the difficult steps to be triumphant.

You’d hardly recognize Susan now!

Since joining the Y in early 2014, Susan has lost 150 pounds, or 48% of her body weight!

And she hopes to keep going with the Y’s help.

“I attribute this success to the people at the Y. All, especially Carlos and [Wellness Floor staff] Mike [Monlux] are like my own personal cheerleading squad. The Y is so helpful that way; everyone is so friendly and wants the best for you. …They all celebrate successes with you,” Susan said.

In the picture to the right, the red dress that fit Susan tightly in 2012 now flows so loosely that you could fit two people into it. She’s lost 5 dress sizes, too!

Not only is she healthier, but happier, too. Where actively moving for 3 minutes or even parking in the handicap spot at the Y were once insurmountable obstacles, Susan can now do something she loves for hours without stopping…

Wellness Coach Carlos explained, “I am so happy for her, not only because she lost that much weight, but because she can do what she enjoys the most, which is dancing!”