My Y Story

Tate’s Awesome Summer

Thank you to all [Summer Camp] instructors for all their hard work this summer. Tate had a wonderful experience and is already looking forward to next summer’s camp. The activities and fun learning experience have been invaluable to him and us! It is hard for him to pick but I believe he had the most fun at Camp High Hopes boating and shooting archery. But also, because I think he might be part fish, he has enjoyed the opportunity to swim all summer which he would not have done without the Y Summer Camp experience.

Tate has absolutely loved being in the “Blue Bird” group and adores Ms. Jackie! She has encouraged him to keep reading and because of that encouragement, instead of going through the summer learning decline he is an even stronger reader than when school let out.

Thank you again for your hard work all summer. We look forward to seeing in on your Days Out during the school year and of course, next summer!

Donna, Y Summer Camp mother