My Y Story

Wellness Team

Eighteen Group Fitness instructors recently shared their Y Stories at a staff meeting. Averaging over eleven years at the Y (awesome!!), this unique group possesses a wide variety of expert experience in health & wellbeing and great insight on what the Y is all about and why we’re so much more!

Check out some of their best comments:

“Everyday, I work with members – new and old – to help them challenge themselves and change themselves.”

“To me, the Y is a family and community of friends.”

“The Y is the best place to start, achieve and reach any goal.”

group kick“I encourage moms, dads, students, time-crunched professionals and everyone in between to try something new and find their passion.”

“Everyday, I help health seekers find their way on their wellness journey.”

“The Y is fun, quality of life and energy!”

“My work encourages friendships, develops confidence and inspires positive self-image.”

“I get excited when I see members succeed.”

“The Y is my ‘escape’. I love that everything outside goes away (my worries, etc.) and I smile right when I walk in.”

“I help encourage fun, develop healthy habits and inspire commitment to both.”

“I love that the YMCA has given me another family.”