My Y Story

Y Summer Camp Staff


Y Summer Camp is all about kids learning, growing and thriving through new adventures. But sometimes it’s Camp Staff who grow the most and leave with the best memories.

Here is what various 2015 Camp Staff most fondly remembered about their summer experience:

camp-staff4“The Y, to me, means making a difference in kids’ lives. Last summer, I built strong connections to my Summer Campers and received many hugs on my first day back this year. We laughed and made fun a priority every day, and I think those are the reasons are so many of them, including me, returned for another summer!” – Tayler Hall (2nd year as Camp Instructor)

“After working at Y Summer Camp last year, I came to love the program’s mission. Not only that, but I also gained insight into how to successfully manage a classroom and keep students engaged. It’s very important to me to make sure students enjoy learning, and I think that is a goal for the Y as well.” -Hailey Jensen (2nd year)

“The campers were always excited for the day when they got to Camp. Any opportunity I had to play, interact and learn with them was exciting (field trips, sports, science, etc.)!” -Ben Strub

I enjoyed experiencing the “firsts” with the kids who had never been to the zoo or don’t often get to swim. I also loved getting to know them all and teaching them games and life values that they’ll always use. –Kylee Hickman

“I love the idea of community wellness and I wanted to be a part of the atmosphere. I was nervous at first about working in such a diverse community, however I was welcome by all staff and felt right at home.” -Miranda Ruffcorn

camp-staff3“We taught a few kids to tie their shoes and it was awesome to see them get excited with their new-found independence and success.” –Tayler Hall

“Honestly seeing my team’s [math & reading test] scores at the end of the summer really made me excited! They increased by tremendous amounts and it was a proud teacher moment!” -Kayla Petty (2nd year)

“It’s most exciting to see kids come out of their shells and truly open up to other kids…you never know what goofy, off-the-wall comments they’re going to say!” -Taylor Targonski

“On the last day of Camp, the kids started chanting ‘One more week’ and laid on the floor in protest instead of leaving. It was crazy but really cool to see the impression we had and their desire to stay.” -Lisa Rembe (3rd year)

You too can feel the joy and excitement of enriching the lives of children. Contact Summer Camp Director Corrin.