Y-CLUB: Dakota Valley School District

Y-CLUB: Dakota Valley School District


The YMCA has been a part of the Siouxland Community since 1884 and we are committed to helping each child learn, grow and thrive! 

We not only provide affordable, quality care at our YMCA facility, but also bring Dakota Valley parents the opportunity to have an after school program at their facility! This program allows children the opportunity to get involved in recreational sports, swim lessons, dance & theater classes, volunteerism, and so much MORE!

Please Note: We strongly recommend reading through our Y-Club Parent Handbook before registration. This handbook provides you in depth information about our Y-Club program.

Y-Club Handbook

Y-Club Program Details: 

Monday-Friday: 3:15 – 6:00 PM 

Registration Fees: $65/week

Deposit of $40 due at the time of registration

After you register one child, your registration for any additional child after will receive a 10% discount on Y Club program fees.

Register Today! 


The following forms MUST be completed along with registration. 

Please download and send to joetken@nwsymca.org, fax to 8439-8444, or fill out and return to us person at the YMCA.

Medication Consent Form Liability and Indemnity Agreement

At this time, we do not have enough enrollment for our Before School care.

Program Assistance Application